Monday, June 13, 2011

Three Goals Down... One to Go!

I had four goals when I started this process close to seven months ago:

1.  Raise money for the Burn Center Fund and the Burn Service Crisis Intervention Fund

     Currently, the University of Colorado Foundation has received 31 gifts totaling well over $1,000 in the name of "Team Emilie."  The generosity of loved-ones and strangers alike has amazed me.  Thank you so much for helping us to support burn victims and educate the community about burn safety through your contributions.  There is still time for donations to help us raise even more.
Dave at Grant Ranch Lake
for an open water swim.
     Next weekend, Dave and I will be attending a University of Colorado Hospital Burn Center golf tournament fundraiser where we will be acknowledged for your contributions.  Meeting others also dedicated to giving back to the hospital is something I am greatly looking forward to.  I promise to post pictures after this exciting event.

2.  Reach out and inspire other Stevens Johnson Syndrome Survivors

     Through my blog, I have met two SJS survivors directly and interacted with many others in online groups I have joined over the past few months.  Kendra is one of the amazing SJS survivors I have met along my Ironman journey.  She is a runner from Wisconsin who brings together other survivors to participate in races with Team SJS.  The highlight for their team is running the Fox Cities Half-Marathon every year.  One of these years I hope to join them.  Check out her touching blog: One Foot in Front of the Other

3.  Spread awareness of Stevens Johnson Syndrome

     You would be amazed at how many hits my blog gets daily.  I average about 20-40 hits a day with over 1,800 all time pageviews.  Undoubtedly, many of these pageviews are the same few devoted people time and time again (Mom, Jan, Karen).  To my regulars, I appreciate your dedication and enthusiasm.  Yet other pageviews are people that did not know about SJS and are just learning about its devastating effects.  Thank you for your curiosity, compassion, and willingness to learn.
The finish line at the Elephant Rock
100 Mile Century Ride.
     I have also helped to spread awareness outside of this blog.  Dave and I were interviewed for a human-interest news story by Channel 7 ABC ( I will upload it to the blog when it airs).  I also posed in a photo shoot for a University of Colorado Hospital print ad to be run in the 5280 magazine for their August 'best doctors' issue (I have a tiny headshot in the ad).  My friend, Angie, also did a spotlight of my story and SJS on her blog, Ripple Affect: Awareness Leads to Action.  I never thought my little story would get this much exposure.    

4.  Complete an Ironman

     Oh yeah, then there is the Ironman.  Wow, only 13 more days!  The travel details are set, our workouts are tapering down, and all last-minute gear has been purchased.  I have dedicated most of my free time over the last seven months to training for this iconic race and now it is almost here.  My head is plagued with anxiety and doubt, but underneath all of that is a confidence and enthusiasm filling my entire body.  I feel energized and prepared; I know that I can do this.  I AM READY!  Coeur D'Alene, here we come!

To donate to the Burn Center, go online to  In the designation field, choose "Other" and type "Burn Fund (Team Emilie)."

Or you could mail your check to "UCHF- Burn Fund (Team Emilie) to UCHF 12401 East 17th Ave. Mail Stop F485 Aurora, CO 80045.


  1. So excited for you, Emilie!!!! I feel so blessed that God has brought us together and I am amazed at how much you have accomplished in these past four years! Make sure to put September 19, 2012 on your calendar and tell your hubby you're coming to Wisconsin!!! I'll be cheering for you on race day! All the best!

  2. You are doing a great job getting the word out! I am so proud of you. I only check the blog 3 times a day. =) Love ya!

  3. I can't believe your IM is only 13 days away! Yay! You are so ready and are going to do great!!

  4. Dear Emilie,

    I spoke to my aunt (Catalina's mom) this morning, and translated your response to my comment to her, (she doesn't speak any english), but she was extremely happy and thankful to know you'll be thinking about Catalina.

    We all will be cheering and thinking about you on the 26 (and we are a big big family :)



  5. I just read the channel 7 article. Congrats and best wishes to you. I've had SJS 3 times, and have significant vision loss as a result. I look forward to following your journey.

    Carrie Ann Lucas

  6. Found you via the Channel 7 news article. You are a ROCK START GIRL!!! I have a very good friend that is a SJS survivor. Keep it up!

  7. Carrie,
    Three times! I am so sorry to hear that. There are a few SJS support groups on Facebook if you are interested. Just look for me on there under my name.

    If your friend ever needs some support, you know where you can find me. Thanks for the encouragement.